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What some of our recently hired team members have to say.

“Transitioning from an intern into a full-time employee at SPIE has been incredible. My thoughts and ideas have always been valued and listened to, which makes me feel like an integral part of the SPIE team. I genuinely look forward to coming into work each day.”

Emily P

“SPIE offers a unique opportunity to work in an inviting company culture doing work that is endlessly gratifying. They place a strong emphasis on both the professional and personal success of each of their employees. It is truly an extraordinary place to work.”

“For my first job out of college, I feel extremely lucky. SPIE demonstrates integrity through everything they do, from building genuine relationships within the scientific community to hosting competitive volleyball games and potlucks!”

“SPIE’s values of collaboration, inclusion, and support of light-based research are reflected in how SPIE values their employees. SPIE provides great compensation & benefits, and the work life balance is the best I’ve experienced.”

“My coworkers are happy, confident and welcoming people who earnestly collaborate and champion communication.  Having an organizational culture like this is inspiring; there is a genuine sense of appreciation and membership.”

“The company culture, quality of life and altruistic mission of SPIE made the decision to move out west from Boston an easy one.”

“Coming from a retail giant in Seattle, I was immediately impressed at how much more valued I felt here.  It’s not just a fantastic benefits package – from the CEO on down, it’s a true sense of appreciation.”